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Water Song - Out today

"Ayla Schafer and Mose join forces in this beautiful song honouring the waters. Mose adapts the prayerful lyrics and melody of Ayla into an ecstatic trance intended to move hearts and bodies across dance floors around the world. The profound vocal layers and playful melodic riffs invite us to drop into our own deep flow as we honour the sacred waters in our dance."

I am really full of joy to release this special song today. I wrote this song over ten years ago as I took myself for a cleansing and healing bath in a wild river on Dartmoor. As I stood waist deep in the cold, flowing waters, this song came through me. I have carried it quietly in me for many years, almost never singing it to anyone and quite honestly not being sure what do to with it. I never felt right to forget about it and yet I knew it came with a journey and sound different to my other songs and not something I knew how to do alone... Now I know it was waiting for this collaboration with Mose! This is the first time I have creatively worked like this, bringing a song to meet another persons creative gift and responding to each other and just trusting the flow and direction. The process of birthing this song into it's recorded version has been a pure delight and joy as well as full of unexpected twists in the river. I hope you enjoy this water prayer and that it washes through you and touches your soul...

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