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'Dos alas de un rezo' - new single

I am so happy to be releasing this song that I have carried quietly with me for the past 8 years. I wrote this song many years ago when me and my beloved partner Joshua Wenzl, who features on the recording, first met and were in the early stages of the blossoming prayer of love and I felt the profound union of our heart and the prayer of our being and lives merging into one. On the first birthday of his that we shared together I wanted to give him something really special and so I wrote this song and this was his gift. Now many years later it feels ready to share it with the world.


‘Dos Alas De Un Rezo’ or ‘Two Wings of one Prayer’ is a song that captures the essence of love. It compares love to a bird where two hearts unite and beat in harmony and become the wings of one bird and this bird is the sacred prayer of love that unites two souls. The lyrics speak of how love is the prayer of the union of elements of creation... ‘The magic of the water and the fire, the dance of the Moon and the Sun, like the Earth loves the Sky’.

This stunning artwork has been created by my brother in law Maz Muzio. It feels so beautiful to have someone who knows and loves us so intimately to collaborate and design the art work cover for this song. I so love what he created for us!


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