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I have newly become an ambassador for the amazing sacred jewellery brand Munay Creation. Since discovering their stunning art I can honestly say that their jewellery are my most  favourite pieces that I own and I feel so good wearing them.


Each piece is imbued with a sense of beauty, inspiration, and prayer, making them not just fashion accessories, but truly meaningful and spiritual adornments. They are unique and stunning pieces that capture the essence of the Goddess and ancient symbols.

“MUNAY was born from the fruits of deep love, inspiration and prayers. Hand-Crafted jewellery made by skilled artisans in beautiful Bali. Each piece contains a prayer for the waters of the Earth, for you, and our human family.

Using only the finest materials sourced from the sea and the earth, our pieces are handmade with the utmost attention to detail and quality.”



Do you like my Jewellery?

 Use the code AYLA to get 15% discount
on all their products!


 Use the code AYLA to get 15% discount!




The other reason I love this brand is because of their dedication and active commitment to give back to the local communities and to the waters. Their integrity as a company makes me feel even more aligned with them and proud to be an ambassador and to share their beautiful creations with you.


They use as little plastic as possible in their packaging and during their production process and all areas of their business AND they contribute a portion of each sale towards a plastic recycling initiative called CSR, who then issue us ‘plastic credits’ that go towards recycling plastic. .This process helps to remove plastic from our oceans and waterways, and recycles them into other usable materials.

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