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teaching of the radiance of the heart

“It is time for each of us to determine what medicine we have to offer the world. When you offer who you are, what you have, to the world. You rise into purpose fulfilled. You rise in unconditional peace. What are your medicines? Surely you overflow with the nectar of your own particular Grace. Find that, and give it. In your giving you loose fear, anxiety, confusion, loneliness. Give your goodness. You shall be revealed. You shall be healed.”


- Jaiya john

 As I come to the end of my Spring Tour I reflect on what a deep journey it has been. I have found myself questioning what is my purpose and prayer that bring me to share my music? What is my intention and what medicine am I really here to give?


In these shaky times of great predatory shadow and human inflicted suffering, I have felt the pain of the world deeply and have found myself disturbed, broken, emotionally dis-regulated and full of a profound longing and need to part of positive change.


I realise that as long as I remain in emotional conflict within myself I can never truly be a beacon of peace in this world.  If emotional turmoil and misbalance govern me then and I am not able to be centred in the deepest alignment with the grace of my heart and therefore not be in aligned action with the grace of the living Spirit.


If I want to see real change in this world then I must take radical responsibility to embody and emanate the energies that are most needed in this world. 


Dignity, Grace, Respect, Love, Hope, Peace and Kindness.


This has been my intention that moves me onto every stage. To be a vessel for the grace of the Goddess, the wisdom of my ancestors and the love of the Mother Earth.

To shine the radiant love and light of my own heart.

To live my life as an offering to the Goddess, to life, humanity. As a beacon of light and hope to this broken world. 


During this tour something in me has dropped deeper, ripened, grown, relaxed and let go. I feel I can breathe. I feel even more authentically me. I feel I am landing home in myself.


Thank you all for receiving me as I am on this spring tour. For shining the radiance of your hearts right back at me.


Now I have a few months at home until my AUTUMN TOUR starts in September... check out the dates below! This will be my last tour for a while as next year I will be taking a whole year off touring, so I hope to see many of you on the road!

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