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Silent voices card set


Weaving visual Arts and Song Poems

These can be used as gift cards for loved ones or as special cards that are gifts to yourself and your home. Lay them out on your altar, be inspired by the essence of the words and images, use them to write your intentions inside and to support your prayers, visions and dreams

There is one card for each of the 12 songs on the 'Silent Voices' Album. Each card contains lyrics from the song and an image that is its visual expression and has been designed specifically in connection to the song by Cedric Izael Menard.

This set has been dreamed and created with a lot of love and inspiration and has been over a year of loving dedication for it to be ready for you now.

Comes with a FREE BONUS Art Print and digital Download code of 'Silent Voices' Album.

Also comes with 12 brown recycled envelopes

Created in collaboration with Cedric Izael Menard -

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