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Honour the Water Tour 2023

Honour the Water Europe Tour 2023


15 April - AMSTERDAM (Concert/ Sold out) 16 April - AMSTERDAM (Workshop-sold out) 18 April - PARIS 20 April - COLOGNE (Final tickets) 22 April - STUTTGART 23 April - ZURICH 25 April - MUNICH 27 April - BERLIN 29 April - PRAGUE 30 April - PRAGUE (Workshop/ Final tickets) 02 May - VIENNA 20 May - MANCHESTER (concert) 21 May - MANCHESTER (workshop) 13 June - COLMAR 17 June - BELGIUM (concert) 18 June - BELGIUM (workshop/ final tickets) 21 June - GENEVA (workshop/final tickets) 22 June -GENEVA (concert)

A special part of this evening will be gathering with shared intention and ritual to Honour the Water. The Waters of this Earth that give and sustain all life, the living rivers that flow within our bodies and the deep oceans of our emotions and inner worlds. Together we will offer our prayers to the Water; to celebrate, listen, feel, honour and remember what is truly sacred. With our shared voices, dance, prayers and hearts we open up to connect deeply, remember what sacred really means to us and return to our place within the web of life. To honour water is to honour ALL of life.

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