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Honour the Water - New Single out now

"Honour The Water" - A Musical Odyssey into the Heart of water

"Honour The Water" is a song that reflects my deep connection to water, and has inspired my "Honour the Water" tour across Europe this year. I wrote it after going deeply into the grief of the water crisis and environmental challenges we are facing on this planet and asking the water for direction in how to take care of and honour her.

What I hear very clearly from her is that we must learn to listen again to her. To come closer to her with our hearts open to hear her voice. To remember that Water is Life. When we listen to the Water we listen to the Voice of all Life itself.

This song is an expression of my journey in remembering what sacred really means and a response to the call to return to our place within the web of life and to honour water as the essence of ALL life.

I am absolutely delighted to have collaborated with Murray Kyle on this song and I feel his presence brings balance by incorporating the masculine voice, symbolising the importance of equilibrium in these pivotal times.

Produced by Txai Fernando

Release with Nixi Music

Featuring Murray Kyle

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