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Sharing with you an interview and podcast with Maria Palomino


"What a memorable day recording with international Singer, Song Writer, Medicine Woman, Ayla Schafer from England. You will be blown away as she sings for us, “I AM A Gypsy Soul," a song that was inspired when she arrived in Peru with not a single penny to her name and realizing she’s provided for always. She shares her intimate alchemizing experience of rebirth after having spent time out in nature with the Native Americans of the US, the Aztecs in Mexico and Incas in Peru. We also get a glimpse of young Ayla before the medicine woman she is now and how she feels knowing her music is providing such deep healing, awakening and remembrance of ones purpose in this life time. Let’s begin beautiful souls and don’t forget to FOLLOW us to receive your latest dose of heart opening medicine plus bonus tracks. "

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