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Agua del Amor (Yemanjo Remix)

Really excited about this release of a remix of my song 'Agua del Amor' by Yemanjo. We met this time last year when Yemanjo opened a concert for me in Tulum, Mexico. It was amazing to see how he brought the dance floor to life with his inspired energy and music, so when he asked me if he could remix this song I was like 'THANK YOU!'. As I listened to the first mix he sent me, I danced around the room with a big smile. I know a producer has done a good job with a remix if it makes me dance without even thinking about it! So thank you Yemanjo for your inspiration and gift you have given to this newly dressed song.

In Yemanjo's words ... 'My hope is that people will move to their own internal "Agua Del Amor" on the dance floor."

Enjoy dancing along!

Released with Nixi Music

Original produced by Txai Fernando

Artwork by Cedric Menard

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