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Wisdom of the Invisible

I come to speak with you

to listen to the silence of your voice

I come to learn the truth,

I come to see I always have a choice

I turn inward, to find the stillness in myself

I am part of the beauty all around me

A breathing miracle,

I am a prayer of life itself

I am made of sea and stars

and dust and wind x2


Ancestors gather around,

spirit beings gathering

All that I know is that my heart is remembering

An ancient memory of all that we have been

Wisdom of the invisible,

the seed from where all life begins

Hayahaya hayahayo

Hayahaya hayahayo (repeat)

I am being given the key to find the place

of trust in trust itself

I am being set free, I am being shown

the pathways to the home of my soul

The path I walk is the path

that was made for only me

Life I trust that you bring me what I need

This is shaping me, I am growing into life

All these teachings are giving me wings


All I know is that I know you

And that the Earth will

always hold me

All I know is that I know you

And that the sky will always

love me

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