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Song of the Drum

Spirit of the drum come speak in your tongue

The language of the song of the soul
It’s the spirit of the drum that sings the song

Of creation of life in my bones
It’s the beat of my heart, it’s the sound of my ancestors

Singing their memory through me

For they live on in the beat of the drum

Awakening when we call them


We call with the drum Haiyeaaa

We call to heart Haiyeeayo

We call to the drum Haiyeaaa

We call with the heart Haiyeeayo

Calling, we’re calling, we’re calling,

we’re calling, we’re calling,

Haiyaiyaiyaiyo x2

Return to the Earth,

the elders dreamed this

Our grandfathers dreamed us

The ancient ones saw this

A time for remembering,

a time for believing

To protect what gives life,

to protect all that’s sacred

I give myself to the great remembering

May the smoke of my prayer

light the path that I walk

Let go, let go, let go and surrender

I am of the Earth and my life is yours


The heartbeat of the drum Haiyeaaa

The drum beat of the heart Haiyeaaayo x2

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