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Silent Voices (Compact Disc)

Silent Voices (Compact Disc)


Receive a CD of 'Silent Voices'. Comes in a beautiful eco-package with Artwork by Cedric Menard, photographs, and a booklet with album lyrics.


1. The Guesthouse

2. Silent Voices

3. Agua del amor

4. Guiding and protecting

5. Fluyendo

6. Grandmother (I am the Earth

7. Deep calls to deep

8. Rose

9. Cuatro Direcciones (album version)

10. Song of the Drum

11. Wisdom of the Invisible

12. Plumajera



'98/100...An outstanding album. A true classic'

"Silent Voices” is an honest, creative, and timely release that both heals and inspires us to listen deeply. When you do, the silent voices are silent no more.
It offers a transcendental and grounding listening experience. Indeed, if you listen to it back-to-back, you will come out on the other side refreshed and with a deep sense of belonging'
New age music guide

'9/10 - An album to heal the wounds of a rough year... that sings of unity, healing and presence.'
Higher plains music


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