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Only Love

 Willow Tree come speak to me speak to me of your weeping
I come to listen to your story
oh, your dance of sorrow
may your wisdom flow through me and bring me healing

flowing waters, rain is pouring
now I hear the ocean roaring
thunder only frightens those who fear it
open my wings, raw and tender
now you ask me to surrender
I lift up my hands; I remember how it goes from here
I see my edges, fears cold fingers
walls that from long ago still linger
strip me naked, bare I quiver, unfurling
all is welcome, come whatever
no resistance, this way it’s better
may my boundaries be my quest
come untethered
open my heart deeper, deeper
ever flowing is the river
at the gateway stands the keeper singing;
he says ‘You’ve come this far, you need go no further
I will always be your true lover
for in this kingdom reigns no other, only love
only love, only love, only love
open my heart deeper, deeper
ever flowing is the river.

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