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Mother Earth

Hold me like a baby, Mother I am yours

May the river take me and carry me to your shore

For all life is sacred and all life I adore

Rock me in a cradle, Mother I am yours



May I never forsake you

I love you more than my own body

You give me my breath and my every heartbeat

All life comes from you

May I never, ever find myself far away from you

Mother Earth, Mother


Oh can I stay here safe in your arms

Closer and closer to you I am drawn

The tempest will teach me, the calm follows the storm

Oh I can rest now for all work is done




I want you, want you, want you, want you

I need you, need you, need you always near

For what is my life if I don’t feel you

Breathing into me, breathe into me


I know even when I think my eyes are closed

You are all I am, I am always whole

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