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Guiding & Protecting

Here we enter, I feel you gather

Feathers in your hair and in your hands

Holding this circle, timelessly woven

Keepers of the invisible kingdom

Then I hear you say to me

‘We are the Ancestors

We are the spirit beings of this land

Lean into us, for we are holding you

Weaving the threads of your life

and guiding your hand

We speak to your soul,

we sing through your blood

and we drum through your bones

This memory that you’ve known

You know what your spirit came here for

We are walking you home,

we are guiding you home


Weya weya weya ho,

Weya weya hai hai hai ho x4

We are the force that shows the way

We are the light shining upon your path

We are the spirit woven within this all

We are the future the present and past

We are the song lines of the ancestors

We are the light that shines eternal

We are the flaming fire within the Earth

We are the memory of all tribal people

We are guiding and protecting you

We are breathing life through you

Guiding and protecting you

We are the breath of life breathing


Guiding and protecting you

We are the spirit of life that moves through you


Weya weya weya hey, weya weya ho

Weya weya hai hai hai ho x4

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