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I invite you in traveller from afar
You come bearing stories, a lantern in the dark
I greet you here, I welcome what you bring
Though it may be hard to listen to I know you'll bring a change in me
Whoever you are you're welcome
Come sit here by my fire/table
The night is cold, my door's wide open
Oh there's room for many more
Tell me all your tales, your wisdom carried from many lands
Whoever you are you're welcome
Joy and sorrow I take you by the hand
Hayaya hayaiyaiyo hayaiyaiyai yaiyo x4 
A messenger from the truth of who we are
A guide from within, silent whispers from the heart
I listen deep, your breath brings new wind
And I'm ready for the teachings I know you've come to teach
I listen deep to the silence within me x4
Whisper on the wind, the night holds secrets
Into you I creep, wrap me in your stillness 
Hayaya hayaiyaiyo hayaiyaiyai yaiyo x4

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