Deep Calls to Deep

Hold to the light that is born of the dark 

Go now my child set this free 

Tattered are my wings but now I fly stronger 

I will allow this healing 

The howl of the wolves urges me onwards  

Feathers that open the clouds  

In the waters of this river I will be carried 

In the shaking of my heart I'll stand proud, I stand proud  



Keep my heart strong, hold my head up high  

Open my wings in my breaking  

I'm collecting firewood, I'll be back at dawn  

I'll stand strong in my shaking  


I remember to remember I came here to learn this 

Be still with what moves deep in me 

I am a place beyond the pain, I am eternal 

I am the light I see 

I know nothing else, I am only this 

In the truth of my being there is only peace 

So I welcome you in, for I know that I know 

You've come here to teach me to spin straw into gold 

Sorrow into gold x 3 




Deeper and deeper, the deep calls me deeper x 2 

Deeper and deeper I go x 4

Into the water I go x 4 

I'll not back away, not be afraid x 3 

Not back away, not be afraid from the pain x 2


The deep calls to deep (repeat)