'wOmb song''


Awakening the Voice, song and Wisdom of your Womb

"When we begin to truly listen to what the WOMB is saying, everything shifts into Right Relationship. Wisdom arises and with that comes clarity, we can begin to know what medicine we need for ourselves we can begin a harmonisation process with all life"
- Rita Hraiz



Our womb is calling for our presence, for our deep listening and remembering of who we truly are as women. There is a physical and energetic connection between two of the most powerful places of expression and creation within the body – the voice and the womb. They are potent gateways for realising our highest potential; The Womb, a vessel for creation, is our forgotten key to creativity, vitality, sensuality and the power of manifestation. 

When we give space to reconnect to our womb, to sound from her depths and release what does not belong to her, we begin a healing journey to harmonise our bodies and being. We open up a great power and possibility of transformation, creativity, expression and fulfilment.


Our voice is our unique medicine to heal our being and bring us home within. When we allow ourselves to sound and speak our truth it connects us to our core. Our authentic sound is an incredibly powerful tool that can bring into resonance that which is dissonant within. The Voice knows how to release tension, remove blockages, to reveal, to heal. Our voice guides our way.

In a circle of women we are safe to give voice to the forgotten, suppressed and abandoned parts of ourselves. We can choose to lay down that which keeps us from the truth of our sensual nature and return home to the essence who we are. Trusting and connecting deeply to the collective wisdom of woman, rediscovering what it is to be in our feminine essence - free, wild, cyclical, flowing, natural, intuitive and loving.

When we deeply listen to the voice of our womb we reconnect with our feminine wisdom and are empowered to birth the richness of our inner beauty, which lives deep with us. As we embark on this journey of blossoming we sync our rhythm with the source of creation and deepen our living connection with the exquisite healing intelligence of the Earth.
















What do we discover when we fully offer our presence, awareness and love to our womb?

What do we hear when we turn inwards and drop down to listen to the voice of our womb?

What wisdom is waiting to speak to and through us?

What expression of creation is ready to sound through our voice and into our lives?

What flower is waiting to bloom in our offering to life and the embodiment of our souls purpose?

'The awesome power of the cosmic womb that birthed all is held in your womb. A holographic blueprint of the womb of creation that connects each of us in the web of life'. The womb is the creative wisdom that lives within you, waiting for you to remember her power and claim her gifts once again' - Sehren Brand

"A circle of women may be the most powerful force known to humanity. If you have one, embrace it. If you need one, seek it. If you find one, for the love of all that is good and holy, dive in. Hold on. Love it up. Get naked. Let them see you. Let them hold you. Let your reluctant tears fall. Let yourself rise fierce and love gentle. You will be changed. The very fabric of your being will be altered." - Jeanette LeBlanc

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Ayla has spent many years travelling and studying with indigenous traditions across the world, learning from them about the medicine and healing power of the voice and the mystery of sound. A passionate carrier of traditional songs and indigenous wisdom with a vision to inspire others to find their soul and hearts expression, inner guidance and earth connection using the power of sound and voice. She is also a qualified 'Womb Awakening' teacher, having trained and studied with 'The fountain of Life', and has since developed a unique work of using voice and sound to connect to the womb and awaken the feminine essence. She believes profoundly in the power and healing that is possible when we gather as women with shared intention.
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"If you think you're already well aware of your womb and you know a trick or two with your voice, then maybe, like I did, you might think: I don't need a workshop for this, I can do this myself. Then do yourself a favour, subscribe, and gently let yourself be proven wrong. It'll be one of your most precious gifts ever." - Lucy


"This was an extremely powerful workshop. Ayla is an amazing Facilitator of exploring our deepest feminine nature and helping to nurture it out of our hearts in song. Her voice, lyrics and sharing style helped me feel safe and accepted where I am now and provided me a grounded platform for my heart and soul to lift off in song. The teaching and practices from her workshop will be lasting tools in my spiritual practice and devotional music. Thank you Ayla you are a gifted teacher in how we can best live from our heart and soul's everyday in this life with song" - Jane

"This weekend was one of the first time I finally reconnected to my body in such a deep way. Ayla's WombSong workshop opened an entire new range of possibilities for me to heal. Now I know I can and will heal. My womb and I are getting to know each other, with no fear, shame, guilt or judgement. Thank you for the medicine Ayla shared, the love she gives and for the space she holds. I feel seen, loved and HEARD. I am reclaiming my voice and I can't tell you how good it feels." - Anja

"The Womb song workshop with Ayla is a matter of transformation. It can change your life. It will direct you in the right direction. Inwards, into other layers that need to be treated, healed and cared for. You won't be the same in the end. You will embark on a path from which there is no way back. The path to yourself, the path of love, the path of the living body and the connection with the soul. I highly recommend Ayla´s gentle guidance and musical accompaniment. The voice reveals everything. And it will lead you. You won't want it to end. You will want to experience it again."  Jana Urbanova

"In the workshop i could strengthen my connection to my womb and got some new exercises and inspirations for my own practice. Through her very natural, caring, soft and strong presence Ayla made it very easy and joyful for me to follow the workshop. Also being in a big circle with so many woman from all over the world felt very powerful for me. Thank you!" - Joy

I feel more aware and connected to my womb while singing. Which brings me into a deeper part of my spirit. What an honor and blessing to have experienced these teachings, practices and songs! - Uma

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