'At this time in history we came to transform our moods into music and restore the musical language of consciousness in the human body. For this we come'


- Chloe Goodchild

Ayla’s has spent many years travelling and studying with indigenous traditions across the world, learning from them about the medicine and healing power of the voice and the mystery of sound. A passionate carrier of traditional songs and indigenous wisdom with a vision to inspire others to find their soul and hearts expression, inner guidance and earth connection using the power of sound and voice. She expresses her passion through her music, spiritual ceremonies, Workshops/Retreats, Women’s ‘Womb initiation’ work, one -to-one voice coaching, Drum Reiki, Sound Healing and Cacao ceremonies.
'The purpose of music is for you to become who you are, to bring what is inside of you into play, to spin a vibrating thread through you into the world, to spark life...'
'If you enter sound deeply enough, you break open into that world, the soul world, where universal music comes from. The gift of sound is that it guides you back to that place'

 'song of the soul'


Unveiling the Voice, Silence and Song of your Inner Being


Each one of us carries our unique soul voice, a powerful tool gifted to us to connect and communicate with life. The Song of our soul is the intimate expression of our true nature, the spontaneous sound of our spirit. To truly sing is a journey of remembering, getting out of the way, and trusting in ourselves as we surrender to the spirit of sound in us. 

Our voice is the only instrument created by God, it is our connection to the truth of our being and to the prayer that we carry. We were born to sing. 

This is a journey of deep discovery; unveiling our naked and untamed voice and awakening the power of our free expression. We do not 'learn to sing', instead we unlearn and release the judgement, fears and blockages that hold us back from something that is our nature.

Ancient ways remind us what it truly means to sing and use song as tribal people have done for millennia; to connect and speak with the spirit of life, to heal and transform, to celebrate, to realign ourselves, and to pray, so that we can step more fully into our soul purpose in this life. 

Our voice brings us immediately into connection with ourselves, each other and the present moment. Weaving between sound and silence, resting in the stillness from where our sound comes from; we return to the source of Life itself.

Our voice brings us home to ourselves, our body is our portal, our Voice is our tool, our silence is our home. 



This workshop is open for all those who feel the call to sing. Absolutely no experience necessary 🙏


'The key is for listening for your guidance, the inner part of you that knew this all along. When you can connect with your guidance there are sparks of recognition, you can feel them from the inside. What begins as fireflies is finally a beacon. The sound of your music becomes a beacon leading to itself.'


"I thought the workshop would be a ceremony in honour to the melodic attributes of our voice. Turns out it was much more. 

What Ayla had us do was to dig deep, deep into our very core Essence and sing the tune of words and emotions that we found meaningful to us. No thinking, no analysing, just pure, Intuitive expression. 

The SOUNDS that filled the room. They were beautiful. Raw, wild, ancient, savage, mild, celestial.

I have never sung like that before. Notes I didn't think I could hit. Melodies I wouldn't conjure up on my own. I certainly didn't carry the song - it certainly carried me. 

Just like visual art, music crosses dimensions. It is already there. The Song. All we have to do is being the Mediators. The Open Channel."

 - Dorethy


"Ayla is a remarkable creative and a beautifully authentic Being. Not only does she sing like an angel, she teaches from the Source of all things, drawing sound from stillness and weaving the sacred with passion, depth and true heart. To attend a ceremony, a song workshop

or a ceremonial concert with her is to enter a truly Divine embrace that will not be forgotten."

– Hoppi

"An experience of beautiful heart connection through the calling of our souls song and ritual, sacred practices that leaves you with an open heart and a thriving for life to have more of the gifts that were given "

– Gem

"An exceptional experience. We were invited to join with Ayla warmly and honestly. She spoke from a place of stillness and deep connectivity and everyone fell comfortably into expressing themselves in interesting ways"

– Phillip

"The most beautiful experience of connection, divine voices and blissfulnes. The whole weekend was a journey for the soul and a connection to the Divine.

– Helen