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Silent Voices

From the Earth there are voices

They say listen closely to the wind

The elders live within me

I carry a river of ancient blood in my veins

Prayers are carried on the smoke

I follow the course of this river´s flow

I remember the call and I call to remember

May the old ways always live on in me

I remember (repeat)


I remember your songs,

I remember your stories

I remember the drum beat of this land

I remember the wise ones

who live in the silence

Los voces que hablan en el silencio

I remember timeless fires

I will follow silent voices

Wisdom Keepers whisper guidance

Ancient songs stir my memory

Heya heya ho

Yo recuerdo los seres que viven en el cielo

La memoria de las plantas

Las canciones de mis ancestros

Que cantan en el viento-ooooo

En el viento ooooo x3

We are spirit, we have always been here

and here we always shall be

This wisdom was born

from the Earth and the sky

and within them the secrets are held

and never can die

I sow these seeds

for my children’s children

within our lives

our ancestors breathe again

For with each breath

this prayer becomes woven

We all carry an ancient wisdom


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