Yawanawa tribe Retreat in Brasil

You are invited to join us on a Sacred Journey of remembrance, connection, healing, awakening, ancestral-memory-revival, heart opening, joy and celebration in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon; Yawanawa Indigenous Territory, Brazilian Amazon, Acre,Brazil.

April 7th-16th, 2020

Chief Nixiwaka Biraci Brasil’s Birthday

For the occasion of Chief Nixiwaka Biraci Brasil's Birthday, we will gather together with the Yawanawa family and friends in the 'Sacred Village', for a very Special Celebration in the Spirit of the Yawa Festival, and an intimate transformational retreat.


<<>> Body Painting- the study of the sacred designs (KENE)<> <<>> Smudging Circles with Sipá; sacred resin of the Yawanawá <<>> Sacred Clay Bath (Mapu) Ceremony <<>> <<>> Sacred Herbal Bath Ceremony <<>> <<>> Uni (Ayahuasca) Ceremonies <<>> <<>>Traditional Storytelling <<>> <<>>Jewelry and Crafts Bazaar <<>> <<>> !!Traditional Yawanawa Games!! <<>> <<>>Traditional Song Circles and Workshop <<>> <<>>Traditional Food and exceptional vegetarian cuisine <<>> <<>> Hike to the Samaúma Tree, the ‘Mother’ tree <<>> <<>> Free Time to integrate with the Healing of the Forest<<>>

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