Womb Wisdom – Awakening our Feminine Essence

I am so delighted that I can announce my first confirmed event that will go ahead this year... and it is such a special one!

Having trained with 'The fountain of Life' a couple of years ago I now feel ready to hold my very first two day 'Womb Wisdom - Awakening our feminine Essence' - 11-12 July - Switzerland.

I will be co-running this retreat with my beautiful sister in-law Jasmin Shakti Wajun.

Womb Wisdom – Awakening our Feminine Essence

A two Day Retreat for Women

11 – 12 July 2020


The body and especially the womb is the key to realizing our highest potential. The forgotten key to creativity, vitality, sensuality and the power of manifestation.

Through reconnecting with the wisdom of the sacred womb we are empowered to birth the richness of our inner beauty, which lives deep with us. As we embark on this journey of blossoming we syncronise our rhythm with the source of creation and deepen our living connection with the exquisite healing intelligence of nature and the Source of all Life.

Journeying together as a circle of women, we will connect our hearts and wombs, holding each other in sacred space and purpose as we return home to ourselves. In a safe and well contained setting we gather to share our stories, to be seen, to feel, breath, connect, move, sing and to celebrate.

In the safety of sisterhood we can allow ourselves to be open to access the wisdom of the womb and lay down that which keeps us from the truth of our sensual nature. Trusting and connecting deeply to the collective wisdom of woman, rediscovering what it is to be in our feminine essence – free, wild, cyclical, flowing, natural, intuitive and loving.

For this special journey we will...

*be guided with the help of effective, practical and simple tools to connect with our bodies, our beings and the power of creation within.

*journey through the 8 grail gateways of our womb and awaken our innate feminine wisdom with 'womb meditations and practices.

*explore sound, toning and sing to awaken the song of our womb.

*sing our inner sacred feminine alive. We will learn special women's songs to join our voices.

*perform a water ceremony to celebrate the essence of our being and support our healing with this powerful way of prayer.

Women of each age are very welcome!

Beginning: Saturday, 11 July 2020, 11:00 am

End: Sunday, 12 July 2020, 5:00 pm

Seminar fee: CHF 240.00

Board & Lodging: CHF 143.00

Accommodation in shared rooms

Attending this seminar includes board & lodging at Waldhaus Center.

Language: English with German translation if needed

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