SONG OF THE SOUL - 2 day Online Vocal Journey with Ayla Schafer

Next weekend we will dive deeply into the realms of the Voice of our soul in my first ever 'Song of the Soul' 2 day Online Workshop - Ayla Schafer

10 - 11 April *** 2.30 - 8pm (GMT)

Tickets and info:

If it wasn't for my voice and my songs I honestly don't know if I would still be alive.

My voice and the music that moved through me has brought me the most profound healing, support and guided me in navigating life with all its challenges.

My Soul's Song teaches me how to transform my confusion and sorrow into clarity and beauty, to come home to a place of truth deep within my heart and to find the calm and peace that is always resting there.

My Voice and song has been my most powerful tool to connect deeply to myself, to understand who I am by being able to hear how my spirit is speaking to me through my sounds. My voice brings me into a deeper and stronger relationship with my prayers, with the sacred within and without me, with the Earth and sky, with creation itself.

I have such deep love for my voice and my music and what it gifts my being... and because of this I am inspired to find ways to share this with other people, that they too can have the opportunity to receive the gift of their own Voice, for we have all been given this by creator.

Thus was born my 'SONG OF THE SOUL' workshops. A space and journey where I am sharing way of working with the Voice, with sound, with intention and with silence. That others can connect with this amazing realm and can be supported in this human journey in a time on Earth where we are being called to awaken.

I am truly excited to share this special world with you...

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