'Silent Voices' New Album pre-sale

Dear friends...

The moment has almost come for me to Release my album baby out into the world!!!! 'Silent Voices' will be released on the 20th November,after two years of it being in the making and me giving birth to my son and becoming a Mother right in the middle of it!

If you would like to you can Pre-order Silent Voices.You get 4 tracks now (including the new single out today) plus the complete album the moment it’s released. You can order a digital download, a CD, or for those who would like something physical but no longer use CD'S you can buy a signed Album artwork print.

Pre-ordering the album now will all go towards covering the costs of the album production that were not covered from my fundraising campaign.

I am really happy to be soon sharing the whole album with you all and with the world. That these song birds can fly and live free bringing their medicine to the world in this strange and difficult moment...


Love and Gratitude


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