'Silent Voices' - New Album OUT NOW

'Silent Voices' - OUT NOW!

What a GREAT joy, excitement and relief it is to finally reach this moment of releasing my new Album 'Silent Voices' into the world!

BUY HERE: https://aylasong.bandcamp.com/album/silent-voices

LISTEN FROM your preferred music platform HERE: https://orcd.co/vvrwoj0

I started recording this album when I was 7 months pregnant, feeling the songs tugging at my sleeve ripe and ready for their spirit home.

These songs came through me over a few years of intense self excavation, from my deep healing journey and the profound prayers of my heart during that time. They are my conversations and communications with the invisible kingdom and the beings that live there, with the voices that are always whispering, singing, speaking, guiding us in words that are silent to our physical ears, but that are heard by our heart and spirit.

They honour that which is Sacred, the Elements, the Ancestors, the Earth, the Sky, the Wisdom of the invisible kingdom, the Spirit world, the Silent Voices that are guiding and reminding us that we are all part of a holy creation, all related, all a breath of the Great Spirit of life.

I truly hope you are deeply fed by the prayer of these songs, that your hearts are nourished and that they help you to navigate this 'being human' especially in such challenging times.

With all my love

Thank you so much to my amazing producer Txai Fernando. Your dedication, commitment, time, skill and love has made this album something really special and taken it to a place I would not be able to do alone. I am so grateful to be working alongside you.

Thank you to Nixi Music or releasing this album, to you Nils Noa Lausund or your dedicated presence support, faith in me and for everything you do. You are my angel!

Thank you to this incredible list of musicians from all around the world who brought your gifts and talent to these songs:

Adrian Freedman Music - Shakuhachi

Asha McCarthy Music- Cello

César Aguilar Alcedo (Finlandino Pletórico) - Charango

Chandra Lacombe - Kalimba and backing vocals

Daniel Waples - Hang in Balance - Hang

Diego Brasil - Guitar

Eran fakir - Ney

Giselle Real-d'Arbelles - Flute and backing vocals

Helen knight - Backing vocals

Herbert Quinteros - Charango, Quena, Toyos and voices

Hivshu - Spoken voice and drum

Ibou cissokho - Kora

Joshua Shanti - Backing vocals and Drum

Lee Westwood - Dulcimer

Michael Stanton - Oktav guitar and backing vocals

Misha Mullov-Abbado - Double bass

Nimrod Nol - Violin

Ricardo Sanchez - Percussion

Rowan Sterk - Percussion

Susie Ro Music - Backing vocals

Txai FernandO- Percussion

Uriel seri - Conga

Thank you to Cedric menard for this stunning artwork spirit home for the songs, Irene Dominguez for the design and Camilla Coutinho Silva Photos or the Art images.

Thank you Joshua, Zara Schafer, Ali, Michael, Volkan, Irene, Barbara,

Adrian Freedman Music, Susannah and all of you who contributed to my fundraising campaign to make this possible.

Thank you to all of your hearts that receive my music and songs and give me this gift to walk my soul path


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