*Song Book * with lyrics and chords

I cannot express what a special, deeply touching and joyful moment this is for me to be finally releasing a SONG BOOK of a precious collection of my songs from over the past ten years of my life!

Released today to carry you into the new year is a digital download of my SONGBOOK with 26 of my songs. Download HERE This Song book has been a seed that has been gently growing in me over many years. A great journey of love, dedication and inspiration to create. Something beyond beautiful for me to share and one of the most precious of my gifts I can give to the world. It is my heart and soul, my prayers and healing, my love...

It touches me so deeply to imagine other people singing, praying and healing with these songs and to know that they can receive your breath of life and are alive even without me!

So much blessings to your journey with these songs, to your voice and to the song of your soul...

*Song Index* Adama Agua del Amor Ashama Children’s Fire Cuatro Direcciones Deep Calls to Deep Fluyendo Follow the Light Grandmother (I am the Earth) Guiding and Protecting You Gypsy Soul Hihanni Waste I Call You Like the River Mother of Peace Music Plants Trees Plumajera Rose Silent Voices Song of the Drum The Guesthouse Trust and Surrender Unci Maka Vuela con el Viento Wani Wachi Yelo Wisdom of the Invisible

MUSIC PLANTS TREES For every download of this songbook a tree will be planted with TreeSisters: women seeding change

Massive thank you to Barbara Machado for your beautiful work, support in so many ways, care, love and dedication.

Cover Artwork by Cedric Menard Artwork images by Camilla Coutinho Silva Graphic Design by Barbara Machado

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