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Rose New Single out today!

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Sharing with you a very special song as an offering to all women, a celebration for sisterhood. This precious song honours the beauty, innate power and wisdom of the feminine and the strength we can find as women when we hold each others hands in this journey of remembering how strong we are in our gentle, soft nature... Like the Rose

Dedicating this song and prayer to all the incredible women and sweet soul sisters I have met along my way and have in my life. Thanking you for every moment, tear, laughter, song, healing that we have shared. May every woman have sisters by her side, may we hold each others hand and stand strong

'With its gorgeous guitar melodies, sweeping violins and undulating percussive rhythms that underpin her soaring vocals, and lyrics about strength and softness, the track is an encapsulating introduction to the new record to be released soon' (EvilTwin)

Produced by the amazing Txai Fernando and released with Nixi Music the track features two of my closest friends, Susie Ro Musicand Helen Knight singing harmonies

Also joined by this collection of fantastic musicians Misha Mullov-Abbado - Double bass Nimrod Nol - Violin Txai Fernando- Percussion

Art work Camilla Coutinho Silva, thank you for this exquisite creation Design by Barbara Machado

Lyrics Softening, softening, softening all the hardness Melting, melting, melting all that’s frozen Letting go, letting go of the sorrow Dissolving into love all the shadow

We are woman, we are bringers of life We are vessels of love, expressions of the divine

Sisters hold my hand, you are stronger than you know We are opening to love, we are learning how to grow We hear the call, we are returning we remember We are like the rose we are stronger than we know x 2

Ancient mother, moving through us Roots growing deep in our ancestry Medicine woman, daughter, mother and lover Reclaiming the power of our ancient memory

Sisters holding hands, in this circle we are held Sisters holding hand, in this circle we are strong Sisters holding hands, in this circle we remember Sisters holding hands, in this circle we belong We are like the rose we are stronger than we know x 2

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