'Music plants Trees' live online Concert with Ayla Schafer & Carrie Tree

With a deep passion for music, trees and all life on this beautiful planet, united with the power of people coming together in shared vision, we invite you to a most special concert...

All about love presents:

Music Plants Trees!

Two international artists Carrie Tree and Ayla Schafer come together in a ‘friendship concert’ & an exciting collaboration with All About Love Gatherings and TreeSisters: women seeding change for an evening of soulful acoustic medicine music.

Joined by special guest speaker Treesisters CEO Claire Dubois, sharing an inspirational talk - The Call Of Our Times.

All joined with a vision - to plant forests across the globe and bridge connections as they share music.

A percentage of donations made at this concert will transform directly into trees being planted with Tree Sisters - https://treesisters.org/

We hope to plant a forest 🌳✨

Planting trees is an incredibly effective way we can give back to the Earth.

Without the trees there would be no breath, there would be no voice, there would be no song. So in gratitude we sing for the earth and in doing so we turn our voices into action, our song becomes trees and our breath becomes oxygen.

Please join us in this powerful prayer and celebration. https://www.facebook.com/events/268404990925213/

Find us at All About Love Gatherings https://www.facebook.com/tigersismith/ Facebook page and it will be live streaming from there!

Thank you to our supporting partners Brightsky and Aho Communities and to everyone who is bringing this special event to life.

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