Message from the Water

(Written by Azul Valérie Thomé)

'On Monday 2nd December, it will be 3 years since I was given a task to share an important message. A message that would scare and perturb me for months until I found good company to share it with.

It still does perturb me because I know its truth in my bones . And because it is with timing and with deep unresolvable love...

A message like this is a golden thread span from dark matter that had no frame to weave it on in our sickened culture.

There is great danger of course to weave such message on the frame of the trauma of the genocide of the 6-9 millions women and men killed atrociously ~ for knowing the way of the living world .

...for anyone to say that they hear Water speak ~ is still loaded, dangerous, labelled, or worst it is patronised...fear keeps leading the way but courage is her sister!

If we have 2 years left what does it mean? When I ask the Water she says... you have 2 years to set things up, to prepare , to skill up.

From the end of 2021 you (humans) will be busy responding and reacting with the amount of crisis moving from all it prophetic ? its etymology means: ‘make known beforehand' so perhaps it is...

If you are touched by these words and its source then please keep sharing it, feel it, talk about it, seat by the Water and listen. The other than humans have our back and have wisdom to share with us would we be sentient enough to listen.

So here it is again: The Message of Water .

The Message of Water was given to me on 2nd December 2016 by the River Dart, Devon, UK:

" My dear child do not worry about me, Water. I recover quickly with the song of our birds, the love of trees, with movement, moments of rest and the prayers moving around our Earth. I regain balance with your heartfelt tears, your remembered songs added to the ones of so many now. Do not focus your energy on 'Saving me'. Something way more profound is taking place right now, listen and observe!

All of us; Soil, Water, Plants, Air, Animals and all Ancestors are Calling you Humans, to us so we can Save your species. We know and have known for a while that you do not have much time left if you do not wake up to your birthright Belonging to Earth and come Home soon, real real soon. We keep dying, we keep Giving Away our Lives to shake you up from a deep and very long amnesia. Once you can allow the truth and quality of such Love to permeate through your traumatised being and desolate soul you will wake up from a life time of anaesthesia to your immense grief and capacity for Love.

When you create containers of sacred beauty that opens your Heart to what Love truly is then you will realise with a massive sob that you were loved all along, always have and for ever by all of Us who you think You are Saving!

You have five years as a species to Wake up, Mature and Remember in your bones that you belong to Life "

Here is a link of interviews I made with Jon Young, Pat McCabe, Li An Phoa, Manda Scott, Simon Be, Pablo Servigne, #stephenjenkinson and others ~ responding to the Message of Water...what would your response be?

Words: Azul and the river Dart eARTh: The Kingfisher Azul Valérie Thomé

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