'Like the River' New LIVE recording

Happy World Water Day!

💧💦💧💦 Thank you beautiful Water spirit that always sings to me and gifts me such precious teachings. Calling in your guidance and healing for all beings upon this planet in this moment. Bring us your purity, clarity, trust, surrender and sweet capacity for unconditional love, compassion and acceptance. Bless all the waters upon this Earth that they may flow clean and free... Thank you Sacred Water. Water is life 💧💦💧💦

Click HERE to listen to 'Like the River' LIVE recording

'Go with the water No more holding on Release, let go and surrender Her waters will carry you to the ocean Deep within your heart you'll remember We are made of water, like the river we know How to release our fears and let go We are made of water, like the river we know How to trust that our path brings us home

Yemanja, Mamae Oshun

See how she goes the way of least resistance See how she moves with the land Carving her path with a heart of forgiveness Acceptance and compassion I receive your messages into my being I learn to listen, I pray to heal I return and I welcome back all of me I am whole, I am complete and I am free

I am free like water I am free like water We return to the Ocean like water like water, like water...

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