Back in Zurich!

After sold out workshops in the Autumn I am coming back to Yoga Corner and bringing a totally New offering - 'WombSong -Connecting to the Sound of our Essence and the Song of our Womb' as well as a 'Song of the Soul' Workshop.

Saturday 9th May - 'WOMB SONG' day Workshop

Sunday 10th May - 'SONG OF THE SOUL' day Workshop

I am really excited to be offering 'Womb Song' for the first time, after having studied and trained to facilitate 'Womb Wisdom' with Fountain of life. This is a space for women to journey deeply into the song of our womb

'The womb is the key to realising our highest potential. The forgotten key to creativity, vitality, sensuality and the power of manifestation. Through reconnecting with the wisdom of the sacred womb we are empowered to birth the richness of our inner beauty, which lives deep with us. As we embark on this journey of blossoming we sync our rhythm with the source of creation and deepen our living connection with the exquisite healing intelligence of nature and the Womb of Gaia.''

I will be offering a weekend 'WombSong' retreat in Switzerland in July

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