Alunwachuma 'Music plants Trees ' REMIX out now!

What if music could grow trees? I'm super happy to be releasing my first ever remix -  'Music Plants Trees Alunawachuma Remix!' Welcome to a potent vision of my heart united with amazing creator, producer, musician and visionary Cristoforo Gaetani. Featuring spoken word from fellow Tree Lover Chris Paradox, Oswaldo Totem on flute and Cristoforo Gaetani on percussion. Released by Agami Records - This is a collaboration of a powerful and simple dream ... that we can plant trees with music. 100% of proceeds will go to reforestation initiatives with the Kuntanawa Nation in the Amazon Rainforest. ...and you can contribute financially as much as you want. You name the price. 100% will go to the initiative. Download HERE

Also great for you to know that just simply by listening to the track on Spotify and other online streaming platforms you will be planting trees! You can be part of Music growing trees... Help us to protect and reforest our beloved Mother Earth.. Thank you for your support. Let’s reforest the world.

Listen/download TRACK HERE

Currently, trees around the world are being removed and damaged at an extraordinary rate. If we continue to live in this way then soon our forests will be gone and the ramifications of this are unthinkable. Trees and forest ecosystems provide so much; beyond sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere they provide a home for biodiversity, they preserve soil and help prevent water pollution.

According to the IPCC 2018 report, we have just 12 years to limit the impact of climate change. It has never been more important to unite for the planet, protect our forests and plant trees on behalf of life!

About Agami Seeds of Light

Agami Seeds of Light is a global alliance initiative uniting artists, organisations, groups and individuals from all parts of the world. Each Seed of Light is a life-long campaign dedicated to a specific initiative. Our 1st initiative is dedicated to planting trees and reforesting the world as this will take time. Please support and contribute to this cause generously.

Stay tuned and keep up to date with the campaign on :

I am super excited to be involved in this project because I am able to offer and use my music to join in with a crucial project that I have so much passion and love for - and hopefully inspire others to step up and step forward with their gifts and find creative ways to give back to the EARTH. It's amazing that we can work together to not only promote such causes but we are actually generating funds with these life long campaigns and projects. It is time that we get together, join forces and bring our gifts into action to give more goodness to this world.

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