Concert and Workshop in Oslo, Norway

I am delighted to be coming to Norway at the end of November for two weeks to do the final work on finishing my new album which has been in the making for the past year. This is a very exciting stage of the journey, as it all comes together and starts to shine and soon be ready to share with you all!

During my time in Oslo I will be sharing a Concert on the 22nd of November and a 'Song of the Soul' Workshop on the 24th November.


Journey into the essence of Earth in this concert with Ayla Schafer, supported by multi instrumentalist Txai Fernando. This evening these two incredible musicians will unite a vast range of enchanted world music together, where all colors of the rainbow are honored and given expression to. Expect a ceremonial event in heart-opening space, with music from different traditions taking you through deep forests, mountains, seas and rivers. To facilitate this journey, cacao will be offered as you land into the space.


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