'Agua del amor' Lyric Video

I am so delighted to share this special video with you, 'Agua del Amor' It was filmed in Denmark during my first musical outing with my 5 month old baby and my partner.

It was a big step for me to see how it would be to be back out in the world sharing my music and workshops... Becoming a mama has been such a huge stepping into the unknown for me, such a great initiation, with many questions like 'How am I going to keep doing what I have been doing, how am I going to make music, How to keep walking my passion and path with a baby?'

So this video captures a very precious moment during a few special days where I was able to confirm to myself that 'Yes, I can be a mama and a musician, it works!'. Not only that but it has become even more beautiful sharing it all with this sweet little being who has chosen me as his mama.

I offer this video to all those who love to sing this song, and also especially to all those mama's out there... that you can deeply know and believe that you can embody your creativity and passion and bring this into blossom alongside your children


Written and performed by Ayla Schafer

Back vocals and drum Joshua Wenzl

Charango Cesar Alcedo

Camera Line Maria Bram Pedersen

Assisted by Awen Wenzl Storstrom,

Denmark ©2019

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