Heart and Mind Festival 7-9th Sep

Very delighted to be invited to this amazing gathering in London. I shall be playing on the evening of the 7th of September

In a time and place where humanity is at a crossroads, the Heart & Mind Festival has become a trusted ground for all people choosing to awaken on the path of consciousness. At the Heart & Mind Festival, elders, teachers, indigenous wisdom keepers, and people devoted to the consciousness movement worldwide come to offer their visions, wisdom, and ways. The Heart & Mind Festival is not only a festival of celebration, it is a global movement. The festival is a participatory event, educating its audience through interactive experiences including sacred rituals, musical concerts, meditations, workshops, lectures and panel discussion. Participants will engage with artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, teachers, visionaries, healers, and freethinkers to celebrate and cultivate ourselves for the universal good of all.

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