'Music for Life' Compilation Album

I really am so honoured to have two of my tracks as part of this beautiful album "Music for Life" (Vol 4) and am absolutely delighted to share this gift with you all...born from the hearts of many inspiring beings who carry and express through song their prayers for the earth. Beautiful, inspiring, moving, nourishing music, sold 100% in aid of the Pachamama Alliance... because we love her so!

Thank you Susannah Darling Khan and Yaacov Darling Khan for your vision and endless incredible work to manifest change for the earth.

To all the fellow musicians on this amazing album, thank you for the beauty and inspiration you share.. Chloe godchild, Danit Suyay, Eliza Kenyon​, Neneh Alexandrovic, Reuben Darling Khan, Sarah Patterson​, Stef Vink​, Susie Ro Prater , Volker Kaczinski​, deliciousness!

Follow this link to download the album and support our Mother Earth


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