'Vuela con el viento' Live - filmed in Brazil

I have just returned from six amazing months away travelling and journeying deep in South America. I headed to Colombia in February to complete my third vision quest, with a ticket to return in three weeks to then go on tour in South Africa and Bali and follow with a busy year of bookings. However as the power of my work and prayers unravelled in Colombia I ended up making the bold decision to not get on that flight... to walk away from all I had been building and to follow the call of my wild heart. I cancelled all my plans, I abandandoned my newly born album, I left all those dreams to sow the seed of something else in my life... to follow the song that called me into the mists of the unknown horizon. It has been a powerful time and a huge challenge to maintain an unshakable faith in my actions and believe in myself whilst giving up so much. This deep letting go has asked a huge amount of courage, trust and surrender from me, demanded humility, taken me blind into the cobwebs and shadows, crumbled me down. And the journey has been full of beauty..I fell deeply in love, I had the honour to pray and study with many different indigenous elders, to awaken the ancient memory, to look deeply within and ask many questions about my path and how it is I am really here to share my music in a way that feels deeply aligned with my truth. In honesty for me to walk this road of sharing my inner prayers, feelings and thoughts in form of my music and turning it into a product is a great challenge for me. I am called by my heart to refine and authenticate how I do this. To allow the night to give birth to a new dawn. To explore how I can share what my soul compels me to do in a way that feels truly aligned to my prayer. So I have returned to England for two months to tend to the fire of my homelands before I head off again. Still with many questions unanswered but this I know for sure... My spirit came here to sing... to speak of the ancient ways... to dare to whisper of the deep feeling of being human... to remember...

#VuelaconelViento #live

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