Bonus Tracks EP Release 'Adama'

This is a collection of sketch and live bonus tracks which I am releasing under the name 'Adama' (which means 'Earth' in Hebrew). 15% of all downloads will go to the 'Pachamama Alliance' - An amazing organisation who are weaving indigenous wisdom and modern knowledge for a thriving and sustainable future. This offering is born from the vision of my heart to sow seeds with my music that inspire change, remembering, action and a living connection with our Mother Earth. The Pachamama Alliance was called into being by the Achuar, indigenous people of the Ecuadorian Amazon. It works to bring forth a sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling human presence on this planet through life changing visionary programmes such as the “Awakening the Dreamer symposium” and “Up to us”. They work strongly in the Amazon supporting indigenous people to organise and protect the forest on behalf of all life. 'They are an organisation which is grounded in unusual levels of scientific, ethical, emotional and spiritual intelligence and integrity." (Susannah Darling-Khan) If you are inspired then you can find more information and get involved at

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