Music Plants Trees


Protect our forests 
The trees are our ancestors 
The lungs of our planet 
Our elders and wisdom carriers 
Guardians of the visible and the underworld 
Bridge makers between Earth and Sky 
Great givers of the breath we breathe 
Deeply rooted branches open wide 

'We will grow again, we will grow again 
But we need you to serve the land 
We will renew, we will renew the Earth 
But we need you to understand 
Without us there is no life, without is you can't survive 

Plant more trees don't cut us all down 
Plant more trees don't watch us burn 

Be like us grow your roots 
Be like us know your roots

Produced by and co-created with Cristoforo Gaetani @ Agami Records

Music plants trees 4.jpg

100% of profits will go towards Tree planting projects.
Each download will plant 4 trees. If you choose to donate more for the song then you will plant even more trees!

I am working with Tree sisters and have made a pledge to fundraise to plant 12,500 trees. Music plants tree! Music grows forests!

Join me in growing a music forest together!

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© 2017 Ayla Schafer