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All Things

Take me to the center
where I’m only touched by truth
take me far beyond this ocean ever moving
oh, the flock of geese are heading off to warmer shores
I know if I follow them, to my wildness I'll be lost

I am a shape shifter of miracles
I am a creator giving birth to all
I am the silence that I sense within
I am the preacher and the one who’s listening

I am forgiveness and the forgiving
I am this beating heart and all I carry within me
I am the spirit of my forefathers and my children
I carry a song line that’s never been forgotten

I am the roots and the fruit that’s ripening
I am the thunder and I am the lightening
I am the hunted and the hunt that ever runs
I am the moon turning its lifetime round the sun

if I am all things, and all things unto me
then I will breathe and speak and be only Beauty...' 

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